Because of them, We can

'Because of Them, We Can' is a project created by Junior Filmmakers to educate about the history of inspirational figures from Milton Keynes who have had a global impact. The project also shows young people that they can also make a difference in the world around them. 'Because of Them, We Can' focuses on 7 people in particular, who are shown below.

About the Project

Event Details

Because of them - at the MK Library

  • 8th to the 19th of September​​

  • Held at the Milton Keynes Library

  • Guide dogs/Hearing dogs welcome

  • Held during library opening hours

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Meet the Pioneers

Alan Turing was an English mathematician and logician famous for codebreaking during WW2. He decoded thousands of Nazi messages produced by the infamous enigma machine and worked in secret at Bletchley Park.

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Dame Cleo Laine is an English Jazz singer and also actress. She is famous for the music she produced and her incredible vocal range. Cleo Laine helped create the Stables Theatre in Milton Keynes.

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Herbert Akroyd Stuart was an English inventor and engineer. He was the first person to invent a diesel engine, but has largely been forgotten, as Rudolf Diesel is instead credited as the creator.

William Cowper was an English poet and hymnwriter who was one of the famous poets in England in his time and has remained well-known to this day.

He lived for twenty years in Olney and his house is a museum.

Jim Marshall was an English inventor and businessman who pioneered audio technology and created amplifiers for guitars. His amplifiers have been used by many famous rock bands, which earned him the nickname: "The Lord of Loud".

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John Newton was an English sailor and later priest who served in the British Navy during the slave trade, but later abandoned the practice to become a parish priest and abolitionist. He lived in Olney for 20 years.

The Because of Them project is created by Local Media Initiatives/Junior Filmmakers and supported by the Heritage Fund. You can find more promotional content for the event, including filmed advertisements on Instagram.

Dr Christopher B Lynch was a Sierra Leonean surgeon and physician. When he immigrated to the UK, he was poor, but earned scholarships in law and medicine and became an assistant gynaecologist at Milton Keynes hospital. Here, he invented a surgical technique that can be used to avoid removing the entire uterus in the case of heavy bleeding after giving birth, preserving fertility and saving lives.

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