'Because of Them, We Can'. 

'Because of Them, We Can', is a film project whose objective is to unearth, feature, highlight and celebrate history and stories of key individuals from Milton Keynes. The project aims to provide a sense of community belonging and ownership and give the young people and the community of Milton Keynes an opportunity to learn about and engage with people from our history who have made contributions on a global scale. 

It will also provide young people with opportunity to learn new skills. 

The project will be the production of five short films by fifty young people in Milton Keynes. The films will feature key individuals who were born or lived in Milton Keynes and  achieved phenomenal feats and whose achievements have made a massive  difference to the lives of many people around the world.

The series will feature
1. John Bunyan of Pilgrims Progress 
2. Alan Durring, code breaker of World War 2
3. Greg Rutherford, the Long jump gold medal winner
4. Errol Barnett, CNN anchor
5. Emily Bergl-Hollywood Actress

Two films already produced by Junior filmmakers will be added to this series. They are the short film on Professor Lynch, gynaecological inventor and obstetrician https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKZUZV8uxxo and Herbert Ackroyd Stuart who invented the Diesel engine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GytU0bmr9lY 

The format of each individual film will be decided on by the filmmakers. They could be a documentary featuring expert interviewees and or family members, or they could be re-enactments or musicals. 

The project will work with young people from the age of 14 years to 25 years from secondary schools and Milton Keynes College.

They will receive training on interview and research and camera techniques, pre-production, production, camera use, editing. They will then be supported to research, create, produce and edit their films.

Once the films have been produced they will be screened at a premiere to family, school members and the wider community.


The films will be stored on a dedicated website for 12 months and the links will be sent to schools in Milton Keynes to share with their students. 

The films will then be stored on the Junior Filmmakers website and on the Living Archive as part of Milton Keynes history for posterity.

Taking part in this project for young people in Milton Keynes from age 9 to 19 years. Register below for more information.